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contemporary nigerian artist: ayeola ayodeji awizzy

Am excited to showcase the artworks of contemporary nigerian artist: ayeola ayodeji awizzy.

contemporary nigerian artist

Nigeria produced spectacular bronze sculptures along with delicate, yet bold ivory sculptures during its most prolific times, roughly between the 15th to 18th centuries. With thousands of years of artistic tradition behind them, today’s visual artists draw on these ancient traditions for inspiration, while expressing cultural and personal issues through various media in strikingly contemporary works of art.
Very little purely abstract art is being produced, rather most pieces of work have recognizable subject matter. Perhaps it is because there really was no division between art and life for thousands of years in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, that this continues today. It is also difficult to make a statement about life and society with purely abstract art. Modern Nigerian art is really not so much a matter of making a statement as it is expressing what the artist is living and experiencing. Frequently, contemporary Nigerian art has an organic flow to it, as though it comes straight from the soul of the artist rather than simply being a visual representation of reality. Flowing colors, intricate patterns and boldly striking hues all bring to mind the richness of tropical life. Even in the most painful expressions, a vibrancy of life is seen in the paintings.

Ayeola Ayodeji AbiodunOne of the most reputable Nigerian Contemporary Artist of our time, the scope and depth of  Ayeola Ayodeji’s Art interests are without precedent and  his mind and personality seem to us superhuman that we agree to his rating as the Nigerian Best Painter of our time.

Early life

Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun was born to the family of Ayeola on the first of April in the early 80’s. He discovered his talent early and started drawing and painting, sculpting etc.  
He had his Primary School Education in Estate Primary School and proceeded Ogba Grammar School for his Secondary School Education. He was so popular among his pears for Excellence in Drawing and painting  that he became his Art Teachers choice.
He represented his secondary in competitions and came out first.
Ayeola Ayodeji represented the School then when Mirinda Came to the School to Showcase the good artworks of the school.
He was given special Art project during his Junior WAEC to paint the School Premises because of his special skills in painting.
Ayeola Ayodeji  gained admission to Yaba College of Technology to study Art, he graduated with upper Credit.
                                While in Yaba Tech: Out Door Drawing of Yusuf Grillo Building.
  Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun in Life Drawing Class.
Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun in Life Painting Class.
Ayeola Ayodeji  Painting Still Life.

Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun in Life Painting Class.
While in Yaba Tech: Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun in Life Drawing Class.
After his graduation from Yaba Colege of Technology he was posted to Edo State for his NYSC (National Youth Service Commission) he served in the Department of Painting under the School of Art and Design, Auchi Polytechnic  Edo State. He meet and paint the Governor of Edo State, Speaker of Edo State (Zakawanu Garuba) and many other dignitaries of the State.  
Contemporary Artist Ayeola Ayodeji in a life drawing Session with Edo State Governor (Adams oshiomhole)
 Contemporary Artist Ayeola Ayodeji presenting Drawing to Etsako West Local Government Chairman (Dr Oshinabo)

 Contemporary Artist Ayeola Ayodeji presenting portrait painting to The Rector Of Auchi Polytechnic (Dr. Filipha Idogho )

He later worked in Tour Brokers International after his NYSC and rose to the post of Head of ICT Department for both TBI and Emirates Holiday.
 Picture of Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun in Tour Brokers International.
Ayeola Ayodeji paints till date:  
    2005         The Birth Art Exhibition (Billy Gallery)                                     
    2007         Beautiful Nigeria, Art scholars Initiative (A.S.I) National Arts Theatre Iganmu, Lagos Nigeria
    2009         ADSA Exhibition (Yaba College of Technology)
    2010        Art and Design Student Association Exhibition   (Yaba College of Technology)                   
    2010         Africa day art exhibition. An Exhibition sponsored by UBA BANK.
    2011         NYSC National Art Exhibition
    2011         Auchi Polytechnic Staff exhibition

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great post with all of us. I just loved all the paintings this guy has created. You know I am also an artist and I make Aboriginal Art paintings! Everyone in my family appreciate me for great art work.